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Tandus  Globe 办公方块地毯

Installation Instructions

Monolithic 办公方块地毯方向
Hirizontal Ashlar 办公方块地毯方向
Horizontal Ashlar
Ouarter Turn 办公方块地毯方向
Ouarter Turn
Radom 办公方块地毯方向
Herringbone 办公方块地毯方向
Gingham 办公方块地毯方向
Ashlar 办公方块地毯方向
21901 Yellow Stone
Tandus Globe 21901 Yellow Stone
21902 Himalayas
Tandus Globe 21902 Himalayas
21903 Skandinavia
Tandus Globe 21903 Skandinavia
21904 Alps
Tandus Globe 21904 Alps
21905 Tennessee
Tandus Globe 21905 Tennessee
21906 Ethiopia
Tandus Globe 21906 Ethiopia
21907 Baltic
Tandus Globe 21907 Baltic
21908 Bering Strait
Tandus Globe 21908 Bering Strait
21909 Apennine
Tandus Globe 21909 Apennine
21910 Balkan
Tandus Globe 21910 Balkan


Product Size 500 mm x 500 mm(19.7" x 19.7") 500mm x 500mm(19.7" x 39.4")
667 mm x 667 mm (26.25" x 26.25") 250 mm x 1000 mm(9.84" X 39.4")
1000 mm x 1000 mm(39.4" x 39.4")
Construction Patterned Loop
Gauge 1/13(50.4rows/10 cm)
Fiber System 100% Solution Dyed Nylon
Density Factor 7,643 oz/yd³ UM44D
Dye Method Solution Dyed
Total Product Weight

3,878 g/m² ± 5%

Pile Height Average 4.0 mm   ASTM D-418
Soil Resistance ENSURE
Indoor Air Quality All Tandus products comply with CRI Green Label Plus Standards ID:#GLP5288.
Passes GB 18587-2001
Backing ECOBOND™ Recycled Content Backing
Recycled Content ECOBOND™ contains a minimum of 30% overall recycled content
Surface Flammability Passes CPSC FF 1-70 ASTM D-2859
Flooring Radiant Panel Class I (Mean average CRF: 0.45 watts/cm² or higher) ASTM E-648
Electrostatic Propensity 3.0 kV or lower AATCC 134
Colourfastness to Light ≥4 after 100 hours AATCC 16E
Recycling: All Tandus Flooring Asia products, when recovered, are 100% recyclable


1.Product specification are derived from averages resulting from normal manufacturing tolerances in yarn,fiber,temperature,humidity and colour.Product specifications may vary within normal industry and syandardised testing tolerances.
2.These specifications reflect mean averages based upon tests of this carpet style by independent taboratories.A range of variances is implicit in the testing process.Furthermore,the standard test methods established to derive the specifications lack a degree of precision and repeatability;therefore,individual test results on the actual carpet purchased may differ from the specifications above.
3.Colours may vary slightly from dye lot to dye lot.
4.Backing or other materials may be changed without prior notice when shortages occur or when technological advancements become available which provide for improvement of the product's performance.
5.All products are 100% recyclable.


15 year non-prorated limited warranty against excessive surface wear and static,delamination,edge ravel,zippering and backing resiliency loss.See warranty for details.Contact the Tandus Representative nearest you for detailed specifications,limited warranty and sample requests.